Firewind (Quelle: Century Media Records)

Firewind kehren mit neuer Scheibe zurück

Firewind (Quelle: Century Media Records)

Am 25. Oktober 2010 stehen Firewind mit ihrer neuen Scheibe „Days Of Defiance“ am Start, die Wartezeit bis dahin wollen die Griechen mit einer digitalen Single verkürzen. Diese trägt den Titel „World On Fire“ und bereits am 23. August erhältlich sein.

Gitarrist Gus G. zum neuen Album: “Usually when we write an album we let the music come to us and go with the flow. Maybe that’s why our albums have variety and you can hear everything from super heavy songs, to speed metal shredding, to rock anthems and ballads. Days of Defiance wasn’t much different in the making, but this time we recorded almost all of it in our home studios, which allowed us to be more relaxed. That’s why I feel the new album features the best performances by all of us. One of our main goals though was to get a bit more of an ‘unpolished’ sound and be more raw. I think we achieved it and that gives an extra heaviness to the overall sound. We mixed the album in Helsinki, Finland at Sonic Pump Studios. Nino Laurenne (Thunderstone) and Tapio Pennanen mixed it and they did a killer job. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Hier könnt ihr euch noch einen kurzen Trailer zur bevorstehenden Single „World On Fire“ anschauen.

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