Gitarrist Mauser über seine Entscheidung Vader zu verlassen

Maurycy "Mauser" Stefanowicz

Im letzten Monat berichteten wir bereits über Maurycy „Mauser“ Stefanowicz Entscheidung seine Kollegen der polnischen Death Metal Band Vader zu verlassen. Nach einigen Unklarheiten meldet er sich nun erneut zu Wort, um seine Beweggründe darzulegen.

Wie bereits berichtet und wie auch im Folgenden nachzulesen ist, beruht seine Entscheidung vor allem darauf, dass er sein neues Projekt Unsun weiterhin intensiv antreiben will. Die Band hat vor kurzem ihr Album „The End of Life“ veröffentlicht, wobei nach diesem Debüt einfach eine Entscheidung gefällt werden musste, um Nachlässigkeiten mangels Zeit zu verhindern.

Sein Statement könnt ihr hier nocheinmal nachlesen:

„I would like to confirm the news about my departure from Vader and I would also like to explain the reasons for my decision so that I can clear out all misconceptions and misinterpretations about it.“

„For the past six months I have been very busy with my new band Unsun and I haven’t been able to fulfil my duties in both of the bands at the same time. I knew this was coming and I knew I would end up in a situation where I would have to decide if I should leave Vader or not. The upcoming release of my new record with Unsun, „The End OF Life“, as well as very intensive promotion of the album made me realize that the moment to leave has come. Therefore I decided to focus entirely on Unsun and nothing else. I have also felt the need to create something entirely new musically, something different than what I have done in the past.“

„I would like to thank all Vader fans for the support you gave me during our shows, because these were really wonderful moments full of indescribable energy. I hope you can all understand my decision for choosing my own path because it is a virtue we all always strive for… No one can tell us what music to listen to, no one can keep us from playing the music that we love… This is what I will always fight for!“


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