Lord Belial sind nicht mehr – Auflösung nach 17 Jahren

Lord Belial
Lord Belial

Die Black/Deather Lord Belial haben sich aufgelöst. Somit wurden auch alle anstehenden Aktivitäten und Konzerte der Band gecancelt. Die Gründe für diesen plötzlichen Schritt könnt ihr in dieser offiziellen Nachricht lesen:

January 2009; Lord Belial has quit all their activities. All future gigs are cancelled.
We would like to thank all fans, bands we have played with, labels, organizers and everyone involved in the band for the past 17 years!

The main reason for this is the hearing problem (tinnitus) that has grown into a quite big problem for Micke the last years…
The other members in the band were not forced to put an end to the band but instead they mutually agreed that finding another drummer was not a solution for the future.
Anyhow, if Micke’s hearing will be at least a little bit recovered after a break from music and especially live appearances for some time, we really hope that we can continue where we ended.

We will not comment or discuss this in emails etc.
/Lord Belial

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