Tchort verlässt Carpathian Forest


Überraschend ereilt uns die Meldung, dass Tchort seineszeichen Gitarrist der norwegischen Black Metal Veteranen Carpathian Forest um ihren schillernden Bandkopf Nattefrost, die Band verlassen wird. Tchort hinterlässt allen Fans zum Schluss noch eine Nachricht und lässt Worte über seine Zukunft verlauten:

Tchort announce that he is leaving Carpathian Forest:

„Its been more than 10 years with perversion and provocation and I have seen, heard and done shit I didnt even know excisted and the past decade has been like a rollercoaster from hell! And since I got too addicted to this shit I can also announce that I am starting a brand new band and I cant wait to see unexplored depths of hell with the new stuff. I am confident that I will find a killer line up and be back to fuck you up! My deepest respect and grattitude goes to Nattefrost for letting me into his personal hell and keeping me there for a decade!“

I will return…

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