Devildriver berichten aus dem Studio


Die Jungs von Devildriver besetzen zur Zeit ein Studio in Los Angeles, um nach ihrem Album „The Last Kind Words“, welches 2007 erschienen ist, die Fans bald wieder mit neuem Stoff zu beliefern. Laut Gitarrist Jeff Kendrick läuft alles perfekt und man darf bereits jetzt in große Vorfreude versinken.

„Hey guys, I must say that the record is turning out better than I
had ever imagined. The tones, performance and overall vibe has been
great! I was not so sure about recording in LA, but so far everything
has been fucking awesome and we are very blessed and pleased to have
Logan Mader producing. In particular, I cannot wait for everyone to
hear the guitar tone. WOW! See you guys soon.“

Bassist Jon Miller sagt zudem:

„As of February 1st, I have finished my bass and guitar parts for the
fourth DEVILDRIVER studio album. I could not be happier with how well
things have gone thus far in regards to the tones of the guitars,
bass and drums but especially the vocals. Not only is this the best
music we have written but it is Dez’s best vocal performance… hands
down. Logan Mader is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has
brought the best out in all of the members in DD. This album will not
disappoint… in fact, it may hurt you.“

Quelle: Roadrunner Records

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