Darkthrone kündigen Circle the wagons an


Das norwegische Kult-Black Metal-Gespann Fenriz und Nocturno Culto werden euch am 5. April mit „Circle the wagons“ ein neues Album präsentieren. Aufgenommen wurde es wie schon „F.O.A.D.“ und „Dark thrones and black flags“ im hauseigenen Necrohell II-Studio.

Zum Albumtitel und Stil der Platte hat Fenriz ein paar Worte verloren:

The new metal decade starts with our album. It is a message to the
Invaders of our metal domain to circle their wagons!!!
With our own brand of heavy metal/speed metal-punk we are a constant
ambush on the modern overground metal traitors. Join us in our fight against
instant gratification….
and let’s see who stands when the smoke clears…
Album by album we gnaw away at the overwhelming mass of so-called raw metal out
there – well, the only time i saw something raw wrapped in plastic was when it was
DEAD meat. And so in the long run, all raw bands with old raw sound WINS and your
plastic paradise instant gratification sound vanishes with time.

Die Tracklist ist ebenfalls schon einzusehen:

1.Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
2.Running For Borders
3.I Am The Graves Of The 80s
4.Stylized Corpse
5.Circle The Wagons
6.BlackMountain Totem
7.I Am The Working Class
8.Eyes Burst At Dawn
9.Bränn Inte Slottet

Quelle: Sure Shot Worx

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